Finance expertise + Supportive team = Peak performance

Our Mission

To increase your bottom line with accurate financial reporting, effective management, and professional advice.

We apply our years of healthcare finance experience and expertise -- combined with insightful understanding and always-there-for-you service to tighten your facility’s operation and boost profits.

Our Founders

"Try hard, be diligent, ask questions - and you'll succeed."

Joel Friedman, CPA CEO

Joel Friedman, CPA

Joel’s impeccable leadership of Summit Care is the culmination of many years of experience in finance -- specifically in the healthcare industry. 

Joel hold a Masters degree in accounting in addition to being a CPA. In his numerous years of accounting at both national and regional firms, he polished his understanding of the correlation between a facility’s financial department and the overall operations; and implemented efficient management to effect positive change. He brings you his extensive experience at Pricewaterhouse -- where he audited hospitals & nursing homes. His dedication to your success moved him to start Summit Care -- where he impresses customers with his professionalism, honesty and outstanding customer service.

"Learn something new every day."

Orrin Jaroslawicz, CPA Director of Finance

Orrin Jaroslawicz, CPA

Orrin serves as Finance Director of Summit Care. He oversees the complete cycle from accounts payable through financial statement reporting with comprehensive attention to detail -- ensuring accuracy, and a big-picture perspective of your facility. 

His attentive responsiveness makes him a pleasurable liaison between you and your banks and other third parties. He maintains daily contact with clients so that you benefit from first-class service.  

He received his MS in accounting followed by a JD degree and passing the Bar exam -- in addition to being a CPA. His years of experience at PricewaterhouseCoopers and RSM auditing large and small financial institutions honed his diligence and his leadership has enabled Summit Care to see significant growth.